Swim Team vs Swim Lessons

Is your child ready for Swim Team? 

SWIM LESSONS: The first stage of swim readiness is becoming comfortable in the water. Once your child is able to show survival skills in the water, it’s important to enroll your child in swim lessons to make sure they know the correct technique for the different strokes. Stroke development classes are usually recommended when your child can move through the water consistently and without any assistance. Freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke are introduced for the first time in swim lessons. An understanding of all four strokes should be gained before considering a move to swim team. For our youngest swimmers, the ability to swim 25 yards without assistance is required.

SWIM TEAM: Swim team is a great way to introduce proficient swimmers to a friendly competitive atmosphere that’s both safe and fun. Within a swim team program, swimmers learn to become strong, efficient swimmers by repeatedly practicing and correcting stroke technique. Coaches help swimmers improve their proficiency and measure their improvement at swim meets and time trials. Competence in all four strokes, the ability to take direction, swim safely for multiple laps, and complete a full hour of swim are important measures of swim team readiness.