2020 Swim-a-thon

Swim-a-thon donations will be accepted via Venmo and Zelle Pay

How many laps will you swim? "Swim Happy" DOLPHINS!

Swim Times

Normal Practice time


  1. Download and print your pledge sheet (use blue button above).
  2. Ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor you.
  3. Bring your pledge sheet to your swim time on swim-a-thon day
  4. Your lap count will be recorded and your pledge sheet will go home with you.
  5. Collect your pledges (money) and return with your pledge sheet 

Awards for the following:

  • At least $5.00 in pledges
  • $50 or more collected in pledges
  • Top Dollar: male, female and family (money collected)
  • “Miler” Award (66 lengths = 1 mile)
  • “½ miler” (swimmers 8 and under, who swim 33 lengths or more)
  • Top male and female swimmers who swim the most lengths